May 9, 2014



  • On a large sheet of rectangular card, draw a diagonal line in the top right and left corner of the rectangle to make two small triangles in each corner (this is the roof). Draw a Capital T in the middle of the card at the bottom (for the two large doors) and a capital I above the capital T (for the small window shutters above the door).
  • Adults step: Cut out the two small triangles and cut along the lines draw for the T and the I.
  • Bend out the doors and the window shutters.


  • Tape some masking tape along the rim of the doors and tape some strips of paper into an X in the middle of the doors. Tape strips of paper around the rim of the window also.


  • Cut some long piece of white cardboard and stick along the roof, cutting each strip to size.
  • Stick lollipop stick on either side of the barn doors for a fence.
  • Stick some shredded yellow tissue paper to the bottom of the window for hay.
  • Cut a large rectangle from strong card and bend the top about ½ an inch down. Stick the bent piece to the back of the barn so that it can stand.


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