February 14, 2017

Great Ways to Take The Stress out of Feeding | RTÉjr

Try to remain calm and relaxed – The first experience you’ll ever have with your mother is through food. If you’re anxious when you’re feeding the baby the baby will pick that up. It’s really important for mum’s to relax into the feed and stay calm

Get comfortable – Make sure you have the baby that’s on an arm that’s on an arm rest and try not to move around in an agitated way.

Weaning – let the baby be messy, let them have the spoon!

Picky eating – it’s best not to get into negotiations around food either, any kind of emotional charge.  If you start to break foods into good food and bad foods that’s a problem because you’re now associating feelings with the food that’s going in.  They may go through phases where they only want certain kinds of foods but normally if you don’t pay too much attention to that it’ll pass. If you get into an emotional battle with it then forget it!

Body Image – It’s really important for parent’s to listen whether they make comments around this themselves and to not make comments. Children are sponges and will pick things up very quickly. Mostly what you’ll find is that children won’t do what you tell them but they’ll do what you do. So they learn by what you role model for them.

Maria McGrane is a child Psychotherapist and co-founder of Parental Pathways. Find more information about Parental Pathways here: www.parentalpathways.ie

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