Hubble’s Story

Ógie comes from a planet far, far away called Bubble. On Bubble when bunnies are old enough they get their own Hubble machine which is a spaceship that will help them explore space and other planets.

When Ógie got his Hubble and was learning to fly, he pressed the wrong button by mistake and went the wrong way. He ended up landing on Planet Earth on a country called Ireland.

Planet Earth seemed like a very beautiful and interesting place and he set out on an adventure to explore it. He was delighted when he met a girl called Emma who offered to help him explore, she knew a lot more about Planet Earth then he did.

Emma was very happy too, she had made a new friend and got the chance to fly in a spaceship!

Emma and Ógie go on fun new adventures everyday learning about everything the Scoodleydootes love to do on Planet Earth.

Ógie tells his story!

I arrived here in Ireland after pressing a wrong button in my hubble, which drove me all the way here!

I was lucky to meet Emma, who is going to help me learn some really cool things like counting, drawing, painting, games and fun.

I have 57 brothers and sisters and cousins.

My favourite colour is orange because that’s the colour of my nose!

I think Ireland is really cool and I’m going to have a great time here before I go back to Planet Bubble!!

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