May 8, 2014

Wishing Well


  • Roll out a slab of air drying clay. Using a round lid, cut out a circle from the clay.
  • Stick lots of lollipop sticks around the rim of the circle to make the well. Secure with string/raffia tied around the outside of the well.


  • Stick two long gardening sticks vertically inside the well at either side and let the clay dry (2days).
  • Once dry, attach another stick horizontally across the two vertical sticks with pipe cleaners (this is to hand the bucket from).


  • Stick two pieces of string/raffia to either side of a lid (the bucket) and tie the string around the vertical stick.
  • To make the roof: Cut out a rectangle of card (wide enough to fit across the sticks). Fold the card in half and stick lollipop sticks all along each side of the card. Stick the roof to the top of the sticks.


  • Cut out a long piece of grass (triangular zigzags) from green foam/card and stick around the bottom of the well.
  • Decorate the grass and roof with paper flowers and leaves.


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