May 15, 2014

Wiggly worms

  • Cut two slits into the side of a shoe box lid and bend down the side.


  • Paint the inside of the lid brown for the soil.


  • Punch two small holes near the bent piece of the lid on either side and feed a garden stick through the holes.
  • To make the compost garbage: Stick down pieces of newspaper onto the bent piece of the lid. Draw and cut out food rubbish shapes (e.g.: egg shells, banana skins, apple cores etc.) from coloured paper and add details with maker. Stick the rubbish to the shoe box lid.


  • To make the worms: Cut out a long rectangle shape from coloured foam and curves the ends to make the worms head and tail.


  • Fold the piece of foam back and forth (like an accordion) and piece through the foam with a plastic sewing needle.
  • Unfold the foam and feed a pipe cleaner through the holes. This will make the work look like its wriggling.
  • Stick on two googly eyes and a piece of string to the underneath of the worm.
  • Tie the end of the string to the stick on the shoe box. Make lots of worms and tie them to the stick too.
  • When you spin the stick the worms will wriggle up to the rubbish in the compost heap to turn it into soil.DSCF1582

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