May 9, 2014

Squirrel in a tree

  • To make the squirrel: Model some air drying modelling dough to make a cone like shape. Stick this to a Styrofoam ball. This should make an egg like shape for the head.
  • Cover the egg in some brown felt, securing the ends with tape.


  • Cut out two ovals for the eyes and a smaller oval for the snout from peach felt. Stick these to the squirrel’s head. Roll some black modelling dough into an oval and stick a googly eye to this. Repeat x1. Stick these to the squirrel’s head. Stick on a pompom nose. Cut two triangles from brown felt and staple the straight edge to make an ear shape .Repeat x 1. Stick to the squirrel’s head.


  • To make the tree: Wrap some brown card around a round container and tape.


  •  For the hole in the tree, wrap a long piece of brown card into a circle. Cut some slits into the end to make some tabs and stick these tabs to the tree.


  • Twist some pieces of brown paper for the branches. Stick on some red, yellow and orange tissue paper for leaves. Stick the branched to the top of the tree.
  • Stick the squirrel’s head into the hole. DSCF1414

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