May 14, 2014

Scuba diving mask


    • Cut out the middle of a paper plate.DSCF1542 - Copy
    • Draw out some goggles on foam/paper. Cut these out. Draw another pair of goggles, slightly bigger this time (use the cut out goggles to help you). Cut these out. Stick the two goggles together and stick them to the paper plate.DSCF1543 - CopyDSCF1544DSCF1545


  • Draw out a snorkel from card/foam. Draw on details and stick to the paper plate.DSCF1546
  • To make the fish: draw and cut out a fish shape from card/foam. Add a googly eye and stickers and glitter.


  • To make the jelly fish: Draw and cut out a semi circle from card/foam. Stick strips of paper/pipe cleaners/ ribbon etc to the straight edge of the semi circle for the legs. Decorate with glitter etc.DSCF1550
  • To make the octopus: bend a piece of card/foam into a cylinder and stick. Cut some slits in one end and bend them out for the tentacles. Decorate with glitter and stickers.


  • Stick the sea creatures to the end of a pipe cleaner and stick the pipe cleaners to the back of the mask so that the sea creatures dangle in front on the mask.
  • To make some sea weed: wrap a green pipe cleaner around a pencil to make a spiral and stick it to the back of the mask too.


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