May 14, 2014

Moving Television


  • Cover a large box in coloured paper.
  • Adult’s step: Cut a rectangle from the front of the box.
  • DSCF1584Cut a rectangle frame from black card to fit around the rectangular opening for the screen and stick to the TV.
  • Cut some circles from silver card for buttons and stick to the side of the TV.


  • To make the sound panel: cut a rectangle from silver card. Stick small thin strips of paper along the silver rectangle (the same colour as you used to cover the box). Stick the sound panel under the buttons.
  • To make the antenna: ask an adult to cut a large polystyrene ball in half. Paint it silver and stick two pipe cleaners into the half ball for the antenna. Stick the half ball to the top of the TV.


  • On either side of the box, at the top and bottom corners, draw around the end of a cardboard tube (I used a tinfoil tube) about 1 inch from the edges.
  • Adult’s step: Cut the four circles out.
  • Stick two tinfoil tubes together (so that they are long enough to fit across the TV). Repeat x 1.
  • Feed the two tubes through the holes in the side of the TV. You should end up with two handles on either side of the TV.
  • Print/draw out pictures on pieces of A4 paper and stick them together to make a long sheet. Roll the sheet up and stick each end to the top and bottom tinfoil tubes. Wind up the long sheet of paper so that it is tight. Roll the sheet upwards with the top two handles and downwards with the bottom two handles.DSCF1502


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