May 19, 2014


  • Cover a cardboard tube (like a crisp tube) in a sheet of blue card. Make sure the card is longer than the crisp tube on either end. Cover the bottom of the tube in red card and stick a yellow strip of paper to either side of the plane.


  • Paint a polystyrene ball red and place inside one end of the tube. This is now the front of the plane.
  • To make the wings: draw and cut two large triangles from heavy card. Cover these in white and red paper. Make a bend in the triangle and attach to either side of the plane.


  • To make the engines: wrap a rectangle of blue card into a cylinder and secure with tape. Repeat x 1. Stick to the underside of the plane’s wing. Repeat x 1.


  • To make the tail: draw and cut a smaller triangle from heavy hard and cover in blue and red paper.
  • Make your own airline’s logo from coloured card and stick to either side of the plane’s tail.
  • Stick white paper square f or windows to the plane.
  • To make the stand: Wrap another crisp’s tube in blue card to make a cylinder. Draw and cut two ‘v’ shapes from either side of the rim of the cylinder.
  • Cover a rectangle of heavy card in blue card. Bend it in the middle and stick it to the top of the cylinder. The ‘v’ cuts should help it to slot in properly.
  • DSCF1609



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