April 11, 2014

Woolly Lamb

  • Draw around a plate onto a piece of heavy card. Draw around a smaller plate inside this to make a doughnut shape.
  • Adult’s step: cut he doughnut shape out.


  • Cut lots of lengths of white wool and wrap around the doughnut until it’s completely covered.


  • Draw and cut out a lamb’s head and four legs. Stick these to the wool doughnut (the lamb’s body).


  • Stick on a pink triangular nose and two googly eyes.
  • Stick a piece of ribbon to the back of the head to hang the door hanger.
  • Write a ‘Welcome’ sign on a piece of card and stick to the back of the doughnut.


  • To make the flowers: cut a circle from coloured felt. Cut the circle into a spiral. Starting with the outside of the spiral, begin to roll the felt until you reach the middle and then glue. Stick this to the doughnut. Cut two leaves from green felt and stick either side of the flower. Repeat x 5.
  • Stick the flowers to the lamb sign.DSCF1536

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