April 1, 2014

Tiger Clock

  • Draw around a large plate (body) and a smaller plate (head) on orange card.
  • Draw an arm and paw shape on a piece of orange card. Repeat x4


  • Draw a triangular ear shape on orange card. Repeat x 1.
  • Cut all of these out.


  • Colour in some tiger strips with black crayon onto the top of the head (the smaller circle) and along the arms.
  • Print out the numbers 1 -12 from your computer and stick these around the body of the tiger (the larger circle).
  • Stick the head and arms to the body of the tiger.
  • From a lighter orange piece of card draw and cut out a smaller circle to fit inside the body and a small circle for the tiger’s snout. Also, draw and cut out two smaller triangles to fit inside the ears.


  • Stick all of these shapes to the tiger.
  • Stick on some cotton wool around the snout and pipe cleaners for whiskers and a mouth.


  • Stick on some large googly eyes.
  • Cut out two clock hands (one small hand and one long hand). Stick this to the middle of the clock using a fold back pin.DSCF1237

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