April 4, 2014



  • Cut a paper plate in half. Discard of one of the halves.
  • Draw some lines around the paper plate half – not letting the line touch the straight edge or the curved edge.
  • Adult’s step: Get an adult to cut along these lines. You will end up with a number of slits around the paper plate.
  • Cut some strips of tissue paper (from rainbow colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet) and twist the tissue paper into a string.


  • Beginning with the red tissue paper string, weave it IN and OUT of the slits that have been cut in the plate.


  • Then weave orange tissue paper OUT and IN of the slits. It should be weaved opposite to the colour above. Continue like this until all the colours of the rainbow have been weaved through the paper plate.DSCF1261


  • Cover a smaller paper plate in scrunched up yellow tissue paper. This is the sun. Stick the sun in behind the rainbow.


  • Curl some pipe cleaners (rainbow colours) around a pencil to make spirals. Stick these underneath the rainbow for rays of colour.
  • Stick some cotton wool (clouds) along the straight edge of the rainbow.
  • Paint the top of 4 wooden pegs yellow. Stick these to the sun for the sunshine rays. The pegs can be used for holding notes.


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