April 8, 2014

Pirate Hat

  • Fold an A2 sheet of black card in half. Fold this in half again. Open up the second fold and fold one of the corners into the middle of the fold. Repeat on the other side. Fold the end of this shape (the rectangle at the bottom) up. Turn the hat over and fold the other rectangle of card up. This makes the brim of the hat.
  • DSCF1271
  • Cut some doilies in half and stick along the inside of the brim for lace decoration. Repeat on the other side.


    • On a sheet of white card, draw out a skull and bones. Cut these out.
    • Draw two eyes and a nose onto the skull. Stick the bones in an ‘x’ shape onto the brim of the hat and stick the skull on top.
    • For decoration: Cut out a red circle from felt/card and a smaller yellow circle. Stick these together and add a jewel to the centre. Stick feathers to the back of this and stick to the hat.
    • For a bandana effect: stick a strip of red ribbon along the edge of the het on the inside. Stick two smaller pieces of ribbon on the side of the hat for the tie of the bandana.

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