April 4, 2014

Paper Dinner

  • Model some orange air drying dough into lots of little bean shapes and stack them up onto a paper plate.
  • Paint the beans with some orange paint for the sauce.


  • To make the chicken leg: scrunch two pieces of newspaper into an oval shape. Take a sheet of brown paper and wrap the oval in it for the chicken skin. Scrunch the brown paper at the end.
  • Model a chicken bone from air drying dough (One long sausage shape, attached to a smaller curved sausage shape )
  • Spread some glue on the end of the bone and stick it into the scrunched up brown paper.


  • For the fried egg: Draw and cut out a wobbly circular shape from white card (the white of the egg). Scrunch up some yellow tissue paper into a circular shape (the yolk) and stick on top of the egg white.


  • To make the chips: Roll a long piece of yellow tissue paper Secure the end with glue. Snip this into smaller pieces for chips.
  • For the onion pieces on the egg: Roll a green piece of paper into a thin tube. Cut small pieces off this and stick them to the egg.
  • Stick all the items to the plate with the beans in it.

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