April 1, 2014

Foxes in the Grass Hat

  • Cut a sheet of dark and light green foam in half lengthways.
  • Draw a zigzag line along the length of each strip of green foam and cut these out. This is the grass.
  • Stick the dark green foam to the light green foam so that there are two layers of grass. Bend this into a circle and secure with tape. This is the grass hat.



  • For the foxes: Cover a toilet role tube in light orange paper.


  • Glue and pinch the top of the tube.
  • Draw and cut out a fox’s head shape and two triangular ears from dark orange card, and belly fur from white card.


  • Stick these to the toile roll tube (the fox’s body).
  • Draw on a black nose and eyes with marker.
  • Stick small pieces of white wool to the fox’s face for face fur.


  • Stick the fox to the grass. Repeat x 3.
  • DSCF1246

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