April 14, 2014

Fairground Carousel

  • To make the moving carousel: cover a kitchen roll tube in coloured paper. Stick the tube to a coloured paper plate.


  • Roll up a piece of card into a tight cylinder (smaller than the kitchen roll tube). Place it inside the kitchen roll tube and let it expand. Tape the cardboard into place.
  • Remove the cardboard tube and slit one end with a scissors. Tape the slits to the inside of a coloured paper bowl.


  • Stick pipe cleaners x3 to the inside of the bowl. Place the tube attached to the bowl into the tube attached to the plate. This is the carousel that can spin.


  • To make the horses: Draw out a horse shape on coloured car. Cut this out. Decorate with a saddle cut from coloured card and wool for hair. Repeat x 3. Stick the horse to the pipe cleaners.DSCF1348

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