April 8, 2014

Chicken and egg coop.

  • Roll lots of brown pieces of card into cylinders (use a kitchen roll tube to help you). Or paint lots of kitchen roll tubes brown.
  • Stick the brown tubes around the edges of a large A2 piece of blue card.
  • Cut smaller pieces off the tubes and stick them onto the blue card to make ledges in the coup for the chicks to sit on.


  • Cover the tubes in glue and sprinkle shredded yellow paper onto them for straw.
  • For the roof: cut two long rectangles from heavy card. Stick together at right angles and cover in red paper. Stick to the top of the blue card.


  • To make the chicks: cut six long strips of yellow paper. Bend them in half and staple the edges. Stick three to each side of a yellow plate for the wings.
  • Draw and cut out a foot shape from orange card and cut out x2. Fold a piece of orange paper in half and draw a triangle on the bend. Cut this out for the beak. Stick the feet and beak to the plate along with some googly eyes and some feathers on the head.


  • For the mother hen: make the tail in the same way. Fold a piece of orange and yellow paper in half. Draw a wing shape along the fold and cut out. Draw and cut out a beak, feet and comb from coloured card. Stick the feet to two pipe cleaners to make legs. Stick the wings, legs, beak, and comb to the hen. Stick a googly eye and feathers to the tail.


  • Stick the hen and chicks into the coup.

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