The Curious World Instructions


May 19, 2014

Cover a cardboard tube (like a crisp tube) in a sheet of blue card. Make … Find Out More

Wiggly worms

May 15, 2014

Cut two slits into the side of a shoe box lid and bend down the … Find Out More

Moving Television

May 14, 2014

  Cover a large box in coloured paper. Adult’s step: Cut a rectangle from the … Find Out More

Scuba diving mask

  Cut out the middle of a paper plate. Draw out some goggles on foam/paper. … Find Out More


Cover a sheet of heavy cardboard in red paper. On this draw out a bike … Find Out More


May 9, 2014

  On a large sheet of rectangular card, draw a diagonal line in the top … Find Out More

Underwater Submarine

Cover a round tin (I used a porridge tin) in a sheet of red card … Find Out More

Squirrel in a tree

To make the squirrel: Model some air drying modelling dough to make a cone like … Find Out More

Mouth and Toothbrush

May 8, 2014

Fold a large piece of card in half and round the edges with a scissors … Find Out More

Wishing Well

  Roll out a slab of air drying clay. Using a round lid, cut out … Find Out More

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