May 14, 2014

Car Wash

  • Draw a large rectangle on the bottom of a shoe box in the middle. Draw a line half way through the rectangle.


  • Adults step: Cut along the line in the middle of the rectangle. Cut along the right and left side of the rectangle. You should end up with a window that you can open at the top and bottom.


  • Cover the inside and outside of a shoebox with coloured paper.


  • To make the spinning washers: cut long rectangles of felt to fit around a toilet roll tube. Fold the felt rectangle in half and glue the edges only. Cut small slits all along the folded felt and stick around the toilet roll tube. Repeat until the tube is covered and glue a garden stick into the tube. Make another washer in the same way.


  • Adult’s step: cut out two large circles from the roof of the car wash. Slot the washers through the holes. The sticks should come up through the holes so that you can spin them around to wash the cars.


  • To make the traffic lights: cut off a small piece from a rectangular box and cover in black paper.


  • Adult’s step: Cut out two circles from the box.


  • Roll a piece of white card into a cylinder (small enough to fit inside the box) and stick a red circle to the top of one side of the cylinder and a green circle to the bottom of the other side of the cylinder. Stick a small piece of garden stick inside the cylinder and place inside the box. The traffic lights are now able to change from green to red.
  • Attach a ‘Car Wash’ sign.DSCF1561

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