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Over the course of the year, RTÉ Young Peoples and a number of independent production companies host casting sessions for new TV contributors/presenters. These are for TRTÉ and RTÉjr shows.

If you would like to check that a particular casting session is bona fide and for an RTÉ-supported programme, just email us at youngpeoples@rte.ie and we will get back to you.

RTÉjr is designed to entertain young children. The schedule has been devised to combine a varied selection of established programming and Irish home produced programmes. The combination of these provide rounded and well balanced viewing options for your little ones to enjoy.

From early on children engage with strong, vibrant images and music. As they develop their world grows, so their curiosity needs to engaged and stimulated. As young children are learning all the time RTÉjr combines education with entertainment, to hold the attention and introduce new ideas and experiences.

RTÉjr is a safe place for your young child to watch and learn about the world. It strives to provide child centric entertainment by combining best of education and child developmental practisewithin all its programming.

Irish Produced RTÉjr Programming

With a strong Irish identity the home produced programmes are inclusive of all children on the island of Ireland. Programmes encourage and attitude of exploration and discovery but with traditional and comforting elements of established storytelling and familiar personal and specific cultural experiences. RTÉjr includes all age groups and nationalities in its programme making so giving a true representation of Irish society. When the Internet can be accessed and for how long.

If you have any queries you can contact RTÉjr at rtejr@rte.ie and we will happily address any issues or concerns you may have.

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